Marble Cliff Commons
Twins Condominiums

Marble Cliff Commons
Columbus, Ohio

This project consisted of the design of an 80 unit apartment complex and private workout facility for the Marble Cliff Apartments. The project incorporates six buildings with ten apartment units and four buildings with five apartment units. The ten unit buildings contain six two-bedroom units, two three-bedroom units, and two one-bedroom units. The five unit buildings contain three two-bedroom units, one three-bedroom unit, and one one-bedroom unit.

The single story private workout facility contains a dedicated multiple station workout room for up to 50 people to workout at any one time.

Each building is constructed on post tension foundations and the facades are designed with cultured stone and stucco with wood-framed interior construction.

Project information

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Marble Cliff Apartments, LLC

Project Size

80 Apartment Units

Completion Date

August, 2005



Marble Cliff Commons

Services provided

Field Survey of Existing Conditions | Pre-Planning Analysis | Code Analysis | Site and Master Planning | Programming | Space Planning and Design | Assistance with Local Jurisdiction Requirements | Building Design | Interior Design | Prototype Design | Construction Documents | Materials Selection | Specification Writing | Cost Estimating | Permitting | Construction Administration